Luxor West Bank Half-Day

Discover the hidden treasures of Luxor's West Bank with Egypt Bob Tours' Half-Day Tour. Accompanied by an expert guide, this tour offers a unique opportunity to explore several ancient sites, including the Valley of the Kings, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, the...

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1 Days Luxor
1 days

Felucca Sailing Trip

Enjoy a romantic evening on the Nile River with this felucca sunset sail for couples. Sail past the ancient temples of Luxor and the Banana Island, where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, eat bananas, and relax. You can also explore the...

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1 Days Luxor
1 days

West Bank and East Bank Exploration

Discover the treasures of Luxor on a comprehensive full-day tour that combines the historical wonders of the West Bank with the cultural highlights of the East Bank. Immerse yourself in the heart of ancient Egypt and explore the iconic sites that have...

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